Hedge Travel

Entering the Hedge:

To enter the Hedge, all the player needs to do is to pass through any sort of opening or passable barrier (a doorway, a cave mouth, dive into a lake, cross a bridge…) while spending a point of Glamour.

This cost may be waved if a Changeling learns the Key to a Gateway (knocking a certain rhythm, entering at a specific time with a specific item, writing your destination in blood on the door jam…)

Exiting the Hedge:

Te exit the Hedge, the Changeling must find a Gateway to leave through. This is simple for a very short visit where the Changeling does not lose track of the mortal world. If that is not the case, trouble is a-brewin’!

To search for a Gateway, a Changeling can roll Intelligence + Investigation + Wyrd. The time for each roll depends on the Changeling’s familiarity as such:

Very Familiar (your own neighborhood) one minute
Somewhat familiar (Your hometown) 10 minutes
An area visited infrequently 30 minutes
An area visited once or described in detail one hour
Unfamiliar area or an enemy’s domain 3 hours

How many successes you require to actually find the exit depend on how long you have been in the Hedge…

Less than an hour 2 successes
1 to 8 hours 5
8 to 24 hours 8
24 to 48 hours 10
48 hours to 1 week 15
more than 1 week 20

Suggested Modifiers: A well-know and often-used Gateway (+2), being chased (-3), Changeling is off of any paths (-3)…

Travel Within the Hedge:

Quick-style navigation:
Each player rolls Intelligence + Survival. One character is leading the group while the others are assisting. If successful, the journey takes 10 – the lowest Wyrd in the group in hours. If any character rolls exceptionally, use the highest Wyrd rating. If any character has a dramatic failure, the entire group ends up off the path and are potentially lost in the Hedge. An unsuccessful roll means that the journey takes as long as walking on foot in the real world.

Trods are established pathways, probably made by the Fae. They always begin at places where entering the Hedge is easier, such as a permanent Gateway. Where they end is less set in stone. The most useful lead from Earth to Earth, Gateway to Gateway, but some may stop deep in the Hedge while others may lead directly to Arcadia.

Following a Trod is simple! Just find one and keep walking. But be careful, for Trods are useful to anyone in the Hedge. If you should depart from the Trod, regaining your path on the Trod may be done different ways. Investigation, Survival and Occult may be your best friends. However, the Hedge is a confusing place and Resolve rolls may be necessary to keep your focus in the shifting landscape.

Hedge Travel

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