Goblin Fruits

Local Goblin Fruits

Any Goblin Fruit listed in the published books may be found with effort. The Fruits listed below are much more common in the Hedge around the Twin Cities Freehold. Published Fruits below are marked with their sourcebook: Changeling the Lost (CtL), Rites of Spring (RoS), and Goblin Markets (GM).

Glamour Fruits

Everyberry, Bowleaves, and Waxfeather Mold: These are the most basic fruits a Changeling will venture into the Hedge to find. They are widespread and relatively easy to find, plus they will restore one point of Glamour when a serving is consumed. Bowleaves may be dried and Everyberries can be pickled for longer storage (retaining potency for 3 days untreated, and up to a week longer with a Resolve + Crafts roll). Waxfeather Mold never loses its potency as long as it remains within the Hedge. Outside the Hedge it will dry and crumble to dust within 24 hours.

Bluebarb: Bluebarb is the staple Goblin Fruit of Changeling chefs. It works remarkably well with any preparation method: raw, boiled, baked, milled into flour, used as garnish or spice, dried, brewed, fermented, etc etc. The only caveat is that it will stain your teeth blue for a week and a day if it is not washed in tears before consumption. After a Changeling has eaten too much of Bluebarb goodies, their next Glamour expenditure is negated (this benefit is only bestowed when the Changeling cannot bare to take one more bite). They must have enough Glamour stored for their action to take place, but no points are lost once the action is completed.

Royal Jelly of Psorophora somnitis: A new breed of Goblin Fruit developed by Francois Cluzet and liberated from his fowl clutches by the Changelings of the Twin Cities. This thick, sticky goo is amazingly potent at restoring lost Glamour. A small dollop will restore 3 points and a spoonfull will top off even a starving Changeling. Unfortunately, the royal jelly is produced at great cost, requiring the Queen of the species to sup on the dreams of mortals in a most cruel manner. The jelly is also highly addictive.

Willpower Fruits

Coupnettle (CtL): Delicate, leafy plant. Eat or drink in tea. Restores 1 WP point, and additional servings restore more WP but add a cumulative -1 Composure penalty.

War Muck: It is said that these small pools of mud form from blood shed during a Hedge Duel and can be used as war paint before heading into battle. If a character is properly adorned, they find an extra fire kindled within their veins. Once the character takes a point of damage, the War Paint flares and the character gains 1 extra die when spending Willpower points for the duration of battle.

Vicious Radicans: The long, slender stalks of this plant always end with 3 thin leaves. It is this pattern that gives rise to the Hobgoblin saying, “Leaves of three, let it be!” for the Vicious Radicans is poisonous to the touch. While the sap and juices contain the poison, it is so virulent that even touching the leaves can cause a terrible rash. Worse is the fact that Vicious Radicans will suck up one point of Willpower. If someone should ingest the sap or have it introduced to their bloodstream, 3 points of Willpower are lost and they suffer 1 point of Bashing damage a minute up to 3 maximum. This Bashing damage lingers for 3 days or until proper care is provided.

Healing Fruits

Coralcreep and Kingsbane Vines: These two striped vines can easily be confused. Both have bands of red, black and yellow; only the order is different. When consumed, the coralcreep is poisonous, causing 1 Lethal damage and inflicting a 1 die Wound Penalty as long as that damage remains. Kingsbane, on the other hand, will downgrade 2 points of Lethal to Bashing damage when consumed (it takes 2 rounds of combat to gnaw the vine enough to gain the benefit). The only ways to distinguish the two is to remember which vine’s bands are in which order or to sample the plant. The coralcreep vine has bands in the order of black-red-yellow-red-black, while the kingsbane vine features yellow-red-black-red-yellow. Just remember: “Red touching Yellow may Kill a Fellow, but Red touching Black is Friend to Jack.”

Amaranthine (CtL): Rare, small, red eggplant. Eating cures one Aggravated Damage, once per scene.

Hera Pear (RoS): Completely mundane looking tree and fruit. Consuming a pear will cure you of ANY one physical ailment, from a bruise to bone cancer. But each tree is guarded by a powerful hobgoblin that must be defeated to pluck the wondrous fruit.

Misc Fruits

Fear Gortach (CtL): A grass that, when consumed, ignites a hunger for more! Eating it suspends all other Goblin Fruit affects, those on going and those imbibed in the scene after eating Fear Gortach. Each scene, a character must make a Wits + Composure roll to resist eating more. Gluttons are at -3 penalty. Mortals experience these effects as well as mystical beings.

Brumebulb (RoS): A small, sour onion. Hard to find, requires a Wits + Investigation roll (with likely penalties due to overgrowth) to even see. Eating it provides an instant exit from the Hedge! It is difficult to stomach the foul taste (Resolve + Composure to eat it all), but in a few rounds, the character becomes wispy vapor and drifts out of the Hedge, solidifying within a few miles from their last Real World location. At this point, the character becomes violently ill, taking 2 bashing points of damage while vomiting.

Cocorange (GM): A tropical, football sized seed with a pulpy, citrus fleshy inside. Consumption is roughly equivalent to liquor.

Coralscalp (GM): A kelp-like plant found under the waves where Hedge and ocean meet. When dried and smoked, it offers +1 to perception rolls and rolls to avoid losing Clarity. But during the NEXT scene, mild hallucinations impose a -2 penalty to perception rolls.

Dactyl (GM): This is a fig-like plant that prospers in arid environments. When consumed, the character becomes interesting and new to everyone, granting the 9-Again rule to social rolls for a scene. However, the fruit is disgusting and a Resolve + Stamina rolls is necessary to eat it. Another roll must be made at the end of the scene to keep from throwing up.


Dawn Rose: Dawn Rose is a type of stone that can be easily found in sunlight. Unfortunately, sunlight is rare in the Hedge. When sunbeams fall on Dawn Rose, its pink, red, and white flecks scintillate. But in the shade, the stone becomes dark and flat looking. If the stones are collected and heated, they may be dropped into water. Then, while the water is still warm, anyone sprayed by it will have any Stealth roll modifiers increased by 1 (for example, a +2 Stealth bonus becomes +3, and a -1 Stealth penalty becomes -2) for the remainder of the scene.

Moosefeathers: These Oddments are produced when horned denizens of the Hedge scrape their horns against the thorns. When the resulting flakes are collected, they may be thrown into the air to produce a dizzying distraction. Anyone moving while exposed to the swirling cloud must make a Composure + Dexterity roll to keep their wits and footing. Otherwise, the distraction forces a Wits + Investigation roll to track anyone else within the area of effect, modified by the potential paths available for escape. The cloud causes these effects for 3 turns.

Gallowsroot (CtL): Dangling vines. When placed around a victim’s neck, the root attacks as a Strength 3 attacker wielding a garrote for 3 turns. The root can not be attacked directly, the victim’s only hope is to weather the attack for 3 turns.

Jennystones (CtL): acorn sized seeds claimed to be rotten fangs fallen from Jenny Greenteeth’s mouth. They have such a foul odor, that anyone within 5 yards suffers -1 to all dice pools.

Promise Leaves (CtL): Strange, chaotic, engorged leaf growths that may be found on any plant. When crumpled and invoked along with activation of certain Contracts, the duration will be extended. Blessing of Perfection (p135) is specifically mentioned.

Tovil’s Ooze (RoS): A cold, gooey, molasses-like substance seeping up from random sinkholes in the Hedge. If slathered on an object, it bestows +2 Durability for 1 week, or +2 Armor if it coats a person. The Ooze does NOT come off for a week. After 7 days, it dries and flakes off in a painful and harmful fashion, dealing 2 points of Structural damage to objects or 1 Lethal damage to characters.

Walking Gertrude (RoS): A plant like sugarcane, with many long stalks wound together, 10 to 20 feet tall. The stalks actually uproot themselves and move on their own (speed 2). If a stalk is broken off, it is filled with a gritty, odorless residue that can be rubbed inside a pair of shoes. Anyone wearing the shoes will have their Speed halved whenever the shoes are worn (even if they are cleaned).

Goblin Fruits

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