Entering Dreams

There are several ways a Changeling may enter the dreams of another. The Contracts of Dream are the most potent and certain Oaths include clauses that can allow access. Otherwise, if the Changeling is close enough to a mortal to touch them, a connection can be established. (There are rumors of Changelings accidentally entering dreamscapes while traversing the Hedge.) Entering into the dreams of a sleeper without the Contracts of Dream must be done from a similar mental state. This calls upon the Meditation rules which are as follows:

Dice Pool: Composure + Wits + Equipment (Wyrd)
Action: Extended (4 successes, one roll is 30 minutes)
Successes can be used to help ignore distractions or resist psychological trauma such as Degeneration checks.

But when entering a dream, the target number depends on the dream! (These numbers will probably change.)
8 – Personal Dreams
12 – Fetch’s Dreams
16 – Dream-tasked Dreams

Possible modifiers: Bright lights or noises (-2), intimate physical contact (1), One party is within a Hollow or the Hedge (2)…


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