Community Hollow

Size: 2

Darian (1) / Penny (1) / Sarah (0) / Miles (0) / Smith (0)

At a Size 2 the Hollow is smallish, the size of a 50’s bungalow with kitchen and living space, with a few rooms opening off a side hallway.

Penny’s room is small, with the only light coming from the wide window. Instead of a bed, a pile of enormous down pillows have been stacked in a corner, and (eventually) a brassbound leather steamer trunk rests below the window. Occasionally, greenish-gold light streaks along the edges of the brass, but only when you aren’t looking directly at it.

Amenities: 2

Darian (1) / Penny (1) / Sarah (0) / Miles (0) / Smith (0)

The kitchen is spare but stocked with some decent staples, and the beds are serviceable for a good night’s sleep.

Dream Chaise: sleep on it, wake up with +1 Glamour vs. Willpower

Wards: 1

Darian (0) / Penny (1) / Sarah (0) / Miles (0) / Smith (0)

No wards currently set.

Doors: 1 (2)

Darian (0) / Penny (0) / Sarah (1) / Miles (0) / Smith (0)

The group door is within the Dayton’s Bluff house (DBH) where Penny, Darian, and Smith live. The second door is in Sarah’s apartment in Saint Paul.

Community Hollow

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