By Bike or Skate

Personal Vehicle Rules

Found on page 139 of the WoD Armory.

A muscle-powered ground vehicle has an Acceleration equal to the rider’s Strength. To determine the ground vehicle’s Safe Speed and Maximum Speed, add character’s own Speed to the values given in the appropriate columns of the vehicle table. A character can only maintain speeds above Safe Speed for a number of minutes equal to twice her Stamina + Resolve; after this, each minute (or fraction thereof) of high-speed pedaling or pushing inflicts one level of bashing damage. A character who isn’t pushing herself can maintain Safe Speed for a number of hours equal to her Stamina + Resolve, after which she must rest for half that length of time. All maneuvers with such vehicles use Athletics rather than Drive

Personal Vehicles:

Type Dur. Size Structure Accel. Safe Speed Max Speed Handling Cost
Street Bike 2 3 5 * +5 +15 3
Mountain Bike 3 3 6 * +4 +12 2
Skateboard 2 2 4 * +3 +8 4

Other Speed Information

(From page 95 in World of Darkness core rulebook) Your character’s Speed represents the number of yards she can move in a turn and still perform an action. She can move and perform an action in a turn, or perform an action and move, but she cannot move, perform an action and move again all in the same turn.

Alternatively, she can run at up to double her Speed in a turn, but can usually take no other action. See Chapter 7, p. 164 (World of Darkness core rulebook), for details. Also, when your character suffers an injury modifier based on her current Health, her Speed is reduced as well.


(Page 133 of Armory)

1 mile per hour = 1.61 kilometers per hour, 1.47 yards per turn.
1 kilometer per hour = 0.621 miles per hour, 0.621 yards per turn.
1 foot per second = 1 yard per turn.
1 yard per turn = 0.682 miles per hour, 1.10 kilometers per hour.

By Bike or Skate

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