King Eric Freehearth

King of the Summer Court


King of the Summer Court, Eric Freehearth strikes a dissonant chord with the other Freehold Leaders. He travels about the Twin Cities, living the life of a drifter beyond his courtly duties. He is gruff and blunt in conversation and seems to take pleasure in making more material Changelings feel uncomfortable.

Eric is constantly wrapped in a haze of dust and the scent of toil, his skin is cracked like parched earth. He stands below average height but is very broad, although it’s hard to tell if from fat, muscle or just his clothing. What he wears is a mixed bag of clothing and 4 layers are easily seen. Holes and patches fight for territory on a battlefield of dust. Flannel and denim are the only materials you can distinguish, although many more are surely present.

King Eric Freehearth

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